State Of The Art Dust Management

State of the Art Dust Management


New York Corridors, Inc. employs the latest clean-air technology to minimize dust and maintain healthy indoor air quality while hallway and lobby renovations are underway.

First, all sanding equipment is connected to a Vacuums dust collection system which can collect up to 90.90% of all paint and drywall dust before it enters the air.

Next, we use HEPA portable air scrubbers to create a negative air pressure environment in the work area. This approach removes 99.97% of filter airborne stop dust intrusion into apartments and dramatically lowers airborne dust while work is in progress.

Last, daily cleanup are performed with powerful, commercial grade HEPA vacuums to thoroughly clean the hallways of any remaining dust.

By combing the latest HEPA air filtration technologies along with clean-worksite techniques developed through decades of construction experience, New York Corridors, Inc. is well equipped to keep your hallways and lobbies clean and dust free.


At New York Corridors, Inc. we are leaders in the use of Green products, utilizing low VOC eco-spec paints and many other sustainable products and methods. We regularly recycle materials such as wallcoverings, moldings and lighting on every job. Our use of products preventing out-gassing, plus the use of hepa-filtration systems places us on the cutting edge of “clean air technology”. While being mindful of environmental health, we don’t skimp on product efficiency. The green products offered are as durable and long lasting as they are beautiful in the final finishes.



This high performance unit features a 2-speed blower for controlled air flow, 3-stage filtration with 99.97% @ 0.3 To the end clean your hallway and lobby and filters 99.97% of all the Air borne dust.


# PW15110DV 15 Gallon HEPA Vacuum (Wet / Dry)
This High Proformance Vacuum Cleans 99.97% to of All The Dust in your Renovation Project.