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Lobby and hallway renovation are critical to keeping up apartments’value, without having to alter the apartment themselves. New York City apartments can yield as much as a ten percent increase in real estate values after your hallways and lobbies have been renovated.

An aesthetic improvement is as important as any other capital improvement in terms of protecting and increasing your investment.

When selling your apartment, real estate brokers report that apartments sell faster and for a higher price when the hallways and lobbies are renovated.


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Sophistication is when Style and Great Design Come together in your Hallway and Lobby Renovation Project

We recognize that during the renovation of your hallway and lobby it takes a cautious balance of designs, creativity, communication and organization to make your hallway and lobby renovation come to completion. We use our knowledge to develop a custom process that is designed to maximize productivity and orchestrate your project from beginning to end: beginning with the design phase, through drafting the scope of work, then framing the production schedule and budget, all the way to the construction process; we will be there for you- directing and supporting you throughout the hallway and lobby renovation process.